About Me

Susan LawiThank your for taking the time to explore my photography!

A Little Bit About Me:
My love of photography began at a young age, when I became captivated with the images in Life Magazine. I became fascinated with the portraits of people featured in the publication. Later I went on to formally study Photography at the Corcoran School of Art.

Over the years, I have traveled to many countries. Cuba has become my favorite destination to visit because the people are so warm and welcoming. I have made 5 trips to Cuba. Life happens in the street, making it a pleasure to document. The beauty and warmth of the people, make it an ideal place to photograph. The beautiful light in Cuba makes the colors so vibrant.

A special thanks to Charles Seton for enhancing my photographic skills and being a wonderful teacher.

For more information about my work or to inquire about purchasing prints, please contact me, here.